Nitro 2G 400ml - Black

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The Nitro 2G 'Silver Killer' 400ml - Matte Acrylic Black defined by an high coverage, especially on silver chrome, an ultra fast drying and an extremely flexible valve system.

The MTN Nitro 2G has a lower pressure level than the normal MTN Hardcore 400ml cans, this makes the can excellent for outlining and high detailed work. With perfect covering power this can is ideal to work with in all weather conditions.

The “Silver Killer” concept came by popular demand to create a product that could cover up metallic colors and the most difficult of surfaces. The investigation proved fruitful, giving birth to the second generation of Nitro. Available in black 400ml cans.

Suitable caps: Super Skinny, Skinny pro, Normal, Soft, Fat pinkdot, Super fat and Transversal.