MTN Pro Wash Primer 400ml

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Phosphate Primer (Wash Primer) with excellent adhesion on galvanised and zinc electroplated steel, aluminium, and all types of polished metals. Also works very well as a primer layer on some plastics. FEATURES 

- Fast drying. 

- Easy to apply and repaint. 

- Good adherence. 

- Does not contain lead. 


Recommended to be utilised as a primer layer on galvanised metal surfaces such as: 

- Garage doors or metal shutters. 

- Copper pipes. 

- Aluminium profiling. Also usable as a primer on polyamide 6 plastic surfaces, carbon fibre, epoxy, polyester, acrylate, PVC, PC, and ABS. The product’s characteristics make it very adequate on pre-sanded surfaces painted with polyester-type paints (aluminium profiling) or on 2K epoxy.


- Shake the aerosol well before using, approximately for one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer. 

- Apply to clean, dry surfaces. On rusty metallic surfaces remove rust with a wire brush. Due to the multitude of substrates and methods for application, it is recommended to do a test on the material prior to application. 

- Apply in thin, even layers to obtain the best results. Second coat may be applied after 20 mins. May be repainted with other products after 2 hours. Check compatibility by testing.

 - Never apply to equipment that is plugged in and use in well ventilated areas.