MTN Pro Metallic Effect Paint 400ml

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Available in 7 colours - 400ml

Paint with a metallic effect for decoration and protection of various surfaces.

Formulated from solvent-based acrylic resins of a highly pearlescent nature that gives it a high quality metallic appearance.

May be applied to multiple surfaces: wood, metal, stainless steel, glass, wicker, plaster, ceramic, stone, paper, hard plastic… On complex surfaces we recommended applying a primer coat first.

Available in 7 colours - 400ml 

Black - Gold - Aluminium - Red - Dark Blue - Blue - Dark Green


•Very fast drying.

•Good coverage and hardening.

•Shiny and uniform finish.

•Long lasting effect.

•Good adherence.

•Easy application and repainting.

•Highly resistant to weathering.

•A subsequent coat of acrylic varnish is recommended.


•For painting automobiles.

•Motorcycle and bicycle painting.

•Decoration and car tuning.