MTN Mural Water-Based Protective Varnish

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Water-based protective varnish in a one litre format for the protection of indoor and outdoor murals that can be applied with a roller, brush or spray gun.

Quick drying water-based varnish in a glossy or matte finish with excellent characteristics, designed to protect and even out the finish of artistic murals, both outdoors and indoors. Thanks to its UV filter, it significantly increases the life span of the outdoor murals exposed to the sun.

We recommend diluting the product with 5-15% water depending on the type of application after carrying out a previous test on your surface to check that the product is suitable for your requirements. Its yield is 15 m²/l.

Perfect for protecting your work from New Zealand's harsh UV environment!


  • Water-based
  • Acrylic
  • Good resistance to the elements. Contains a UV protector
  • Glossy or Matte finish
  • Excellent flexibility and hardness
  • Does not yellow
  • Easy to apply with a roller, air gun or brush (in some cases it may require dilution for better application)
  • Can be recoated
  • Good adhesion to paint and mineral surfaces like natural stone, plaster, stucco, etc.