MTN Pro Acrylic Varnish 400ml

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Fast drying, thermoplastic acrylic resin-based varnish

Very fast drying. 

- Good hardness. 

- Excellent adhesion. 

- Good elasticity. 

- High durability. 

- Easy to apply and recoat. 

- Good water resistant. 

- Non-yellowing. 

- Good resistance to UV light. 

On newly painted surfaces or old paint, do a test first in order to see the results, as the varnish may crack the previous layer. 


Acrylic varnish could be applied to many materials to protect them and at the same time to enhance their brightness. Different finishes are obtained depending on the number of coats applied. 

- Wood 

- Painted materials 

- Plastics 

- Wicker 

- Cork 

- In general, most surfaces 

- Steel 

- Stone that can be varnished


Available in Matte or Gloss