MTN 94 Graphic Marker Set - Pastel 12 Pack

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Pack of 12 felt-tipped markers (beveled tip for filling or making calligraphies and fine tip for drawing).

The 12 colours resemble a selection from the MTN 94 line of sprays.

Thanks to their translucent alcohol-based ink they can be easily mixed with each other.


RV-189 Ipanema Yellow

RV-192 Sundance

RV-200 Plancton 

RV-194 Supernova Pink

RV-193 Chewing Gum

RV-195 Shiva Violet

RV-171 Community Violet

RV-187 Vespa Green

RV-6027 Luminous Green

RV-185 Angel Blue

RV-245 Cyan

RV-000 Blender