MTN Mega 600ml - Guacamole RV-34

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MTN Mega Spray Paint - 600ml - RV34 - Guacamole Green is a high pressure, gloss finish tall 600 ml spray paint can that lives up to its name, Mega. With a fast drying formula this is a go to writers product.

Montana Colors Mega Spray Paint RV34 Guacamole Green spray paint is a full bright yellowish green hue.

  MTN MEGA RV-34 Guacamole Green - CMYK 55,10,82,0 - HEX #91bd10 - PANTONE® 360 C

  600 ml Capacity

  Gloss Finish

Type of paint: Synthetic paint. Solid colour and high opacity.

Dry to touch: 15’

Total dry: 24 hours

Cap: Fat Pink Cap.

Approx Yield: 5.75 m2